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Mobile apps are no longer the Next Big Thing. They are the Current Thing, and soon to become the most popular way people all over the world get information; the Only Thing.

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Comment Box

Leave a comment for any business, attraction, or event on Foursquare. Voice your opinion, send a comment, and make a difference!

FREE for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android:
Apple App Store - Google Play for Android

Bouncy Babies

Fast action game with original artwork and music created 100% by Bento Mobility. Babies are falling from the sky! The catch: these babies BOUNCE!

$0.99 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch:
Apple App Store

Circle City Beer Week

This is an app for attendees of the 2013 Circle City Beer Week in Indianapolis, Indiana. It includes a list of events and the ever popular "Craft Beer Compass".

FREE for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android:
Apple App Store - Google Play for Android

Bloomington Craft Beer Fest

This is an app for attendees of the Bloomington Craft Beer Fest and the preceding Craft Beer Week. Look for an awesome new version in late 2013!

FREE for Android and Kindle Fire:
Amazon Appstore

About Bento Mobility

Bento Mobility is a mobile app development company based in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. The co-founders, Zach Collier and Nate Johnson, have been building Internet-connected systems and mobile apps since the 1990s. Their solutions continue to serve tens of thousands of users daily all around the world. No matter what you have in mind, they can handle it.